Choosing The Layout Of Your Kitchen

Layout Of Your Kitchen The design of a kitchen can be quite subjective; hence a design that works perfectly with one can be catastrophic for the other. This happens mainly due to the difference in the tastes, styles and working habits of different people. Therefore, the kitchen should be designed keeping in mind your own necessities and choices and how you want your working space to be. Apart from this, certain common steps must be followed while designing your kitchen layout to utilize your kitchen space properly and to get the right look. These steps include:

•    First of all, measure your entire kitchen in detail, carefully marking the position of the windows, doors, sinks, rains and electric points.

•    Divide the entire area of the kitchen broadly into three areas, namely, cooking, cleaning and storage areas. Then keep these three aspects in perspective, plan these spaces.

•    Decide on the kitchen appliances that you will use in your kitchen and then decide on the space where they will be best places according to the dimensions.

These points should be kept in mind while designing the kitchen and a style that fits your tastes and requirements the best should be chosen. Let us also examine some stereotypical designs of kitchen layout that are usually seen. There are basically four kinds of kitchen layouts that are used:

Corridor Layout

This style of kitchen layout are perfect for narrow kitchens where two facing rows can be made, one meant for cooking and cleaning and the other for storage. However, it is extremely important that there be a minimum of 1200 millimeters of space between both the rows.

Island Layout

It is usually meant for bigger sized kitchens. In this layout, the cooking space is placed totally distinctly in a separate box unit. On the other hand, the storage and sink space is kept in another L Shaped row.

L Shaped Layout

This layout consists of two rows of working space placed parallel to each other, forming a L shape. In this layout, the work space is usually in the corner and thus, leaves a lot of free space.

U Shaped Layout

It includes three rows, forming a U shape. It is quite convenient and ideal for small kitchens.