Choosing a Pet

Most children at some point in their lives say that they want a pet and will keep on asking you to get one without understanding why you may not want one. Chances are that some of their friends have pets so they simply feel then why not one themselves have.

You can keep a cat or a dog, a rabbit or some fish in a fish tank. You can also keep turtles or keep birds. Any pet that you keep will have its own share of problems. Birds, turtles and fish do not really do much. If you are keeping fish you need to take care of them and not over feed them as they can die.

Children cannot play with them and talk to them. Birds too can be kept in cages and do not require much care except for feeding them and occasionally cleaning their cage. It is sad to keep birds as pets as you restrict them from flying in their actual environment.

Rabbits also do not make good pets as they just hop around the house and you cannot toilet train them and as a result have to constantly clean up after them.

Cats make good pets. They are easier to look after. They do not need to be bathed daily and they clean themselves. You do not need to walk them every day. However the downside of keeping a cat as a pet is that they tend to scratch things; so your sofas are bound to have some tears and so are your walls. Cats can scratch you as well but of course in a fun loving way.

Dogs of course are a man’s best friend and as such make the best pets. There are a variety of breeds of dogs that one can choose from depending on your need to have one. Dogs need and love company so make sure that the dog is not left alone.

Kids enjoy dogs the best and they are more fun to have around. They understand you and care for you. But they require tender loving care as well. So find the pet that is right for you and your home and your family.