Changes In The Body During Pregnancy

body-changes-during-pregnan Pregnancy is a wonderful journey for a woman that lasts nine months. During this period, our body undergoes various changes, both externally as well as internally. When a woman is pregnant, her breasts become larger due to the effect of hormones. Within a period of just nine months, massive physical, emotional as well as hormonal changes take place within our body.

The entire period of the pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. During each of these trimesters, the body undergoes different types of changes. The whole idea is to prepare for carrying about 20 pounds of weight along with water and placenta, which imposes a lot of physical strain on the body’s tissues and organs. The postural changes that take places during pregnancy often leads to neckache, backache, headache, fatigue and aching legs. Vomiting and nausea are also common occurrences during the first three months.

A large number of women experience emotional imbalance and mood swings during the course of pregnancy. Women experience a sudden outburst of various emotions such as anxiety, doubt, happiness, sadness, anticipation, excitement and fear. The feeling of tiredness is often felt during this time. Another common side effect of pregnancy is morning sickness, which often disappears after 12 weeks. However, some women end up feeling nauseous and sick throughout the period of nine months.

Our body, particularly the abdomen, becomes bigger to accommodate the baby within it. The breasts also become bigger in the process of preparation of giving nourishment to the baby. The skin around the abdomen also starts stretching to allow the increase in the size of abdomen and breasts to happen. The skin experiences various other changes as well including appearance of a dark line extending from the naval to the pubic bone. This line is known as the linea nigra.

However, do not be anxious or worried due to these changes. These changes usually return back to their normal status once is baby is born.