Cellulite Orbital

cellulite-orbital Cellulite orbital is a different form of cellulite. This is a more uncommon form of cellulite and affects the tissues around the eyes, cheek, eyebrows and eyelids. This cellulite unlike the other one affects the face rather than the other body parts. Cellulite Orbital is infectious and can be easily spread. At times it appears on the face after a surgery, as the bacteria spreading it makes it way through the skin. The other noticeable factor is that Cellulite Orbital affects both men and women in the same manner. It is more prominently found among children though.

Orbital cellulite is a severe tissue disease that mainly starts with the human eyes. This is mostly developed by the bacteria known as the hemophilus influenza. It is primarily caused by a rise of Hematogenous from bacteria, enlargement of infectivity from the body’s periorbital formations.

There are a number of causes that can lead to cellulite orbital. One of the common causes for its appearance is ethmoid sinusitis. This results in swelling in the sinus mucosa, in which the reduction or stoppage of the normal drainage of the sinus takes place. There are times when some surgeries conducted in the eye or the retina can lead to a problem of cellulite orbital as it makes the skin more vulnerable. In the age group of 16 and above one of the prime reasons for this form of cellulite are the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

At times some severe ear infections, meningitis, pneumonia and at times epiglottis inflammations can also trigger this form of the disease. Orbital cellulite occurs when there is an infection in the orbital soft tissues that mostly comes from the infections incurred from pre-orbital structure and the effects emanating from the direct infections in the structure during surgery.

These are a few symptoms through which one can make out if your child and some one else is suffering from cellulite orbital or not. A person suffering from the disease will suffer from eye aches, blurred vision or there are times when the eyes can bulge out. In some cases few patients have complained of having no control in their eye movements and every action they make is painful for them.

If you are suffering from cellulite orbital then there are a number of tests that will be conducted by the doctor on you. This will include the total count of the blood cells to ascertain the number of red and white blood cells. They can be other routine tests like MCV, spinal tap, platelet cap and hemoglobin tests conducted on you. The spinal tap helps in finding the pressure in the spinal cod and the brain surrounding fluid.

In most cases of cellulite orbital the patient requires to be admitted in the hospital as the patient needs to be put on broad spectrum antibiotics. At times the intravenous antibiotic treatment sessions can last for almost two or three weeks.

This disease can be quiet fatal at times but at times it can be prevented as well. Here are few preventive measures, which can help you to prevent cellulite orbital. One has to keep it in mind that if your child is suffering from an eye infection then one should immediately see the doctor. There is a Toda vaccine also available against this disease. You have to remember to follow a good diet in cold as one has to take a precaution against pneumonia and meningitis.

The other precaution is to a follow a proper hygiene regime at home. You can also get a vaccination of the HiB that will prevent you from any hemophilus contamination, which is the prime cause of the orbital cellulite.