Caring and Cleaning of your Handbags

Handbags are most purposeful fashion accessories for women today. Women carry many precious and essential belonging in them.

When handbags are so important to them, they must preserve their hand bags to keep it clean and look beautiful and elegant over time.

For example: Excessive dryness causes leather to crack while excessive dampness also spoils leather by provoking swelling. To keep your handbags look new for years here are some useful suggestions.

Today Handbags are available in wide range of material, style, design, color and price range. Whether it is a costly designer bag, leather bag, bags made of suede, clutch or tote, you need to take proper care of them to make it look best and last long.

Snake skin leather bags
are very expensive that gives a woman sensuality and charm. If properly cared they increases the prestige and beauty over time. Don’t keep a genuine snake skin handbag for long time out in the sun. They can get dried and loose their color and shine. If there is scuff mark on your patent leather bag, simply take a small, soft cotton cloth and add few drops of vegetable oil on it and then rub on the mark gently.

Now to remove the mark wipe thoroughly with another soft dry cloth. This will help to remove mark and bring back shine to your purse. Petroleum jelly also works well to bring shine but can not remove marks.

Avoid the spilling of drinks and liquids on your natural leather bags as they absorb everything. Avoid using them on rainy season to protect them from water damage. To clean your leather bags, never use any cleaning agent or house hold cleaning product.

They can spoil the leather. When your leather purse or bag gets wet, allow them to dry naturally by putting it in a dry place avoiding direct heat. Don’t use hairdryer or any other household appliance to get it dry. When your leather bag gets dirty, simply clean it with soft damp cloth and let it dry.

Suede bags can be cleaned using a velvet brush. This soft brush will loose the dirt and the dust can be lifted easily from your bag. Prevent using the same leather treatment to clean your suede purse. It will get spoiled.

The cloth or fabric handbags which are mostly made of denim, cotton or canvas are recommended dry cleaning; but they can be cleaned at home by dipping a damp cloth in mild detergent solution to wipe the dirt or spill gently. But before doing so, do not forget to perform a taste in hidden area to avoid damage or discoloration. Let the bag dry in shaded area before using.

Keeping good care of your handbag will make them look new and they will last long.