Calcium Deficiency Symptoms

Calcium is very important for your body. The bones and teeth of an individual contain about 99% of calcium. Hence, it is derived that calcium is required by the body to maintain its strength and toughness.

Besides this, calcium assists the functioning of the heart and muscles. It is also of great help in the process of clotting your blood and digesting your food.

Calcium is easily available in foods. Foods such as milk and milk products are known for their calcium content. Not far behind are green leafy vegetables, dry fruits, fish etc which contain calcium.

Hypocalcaemia or a deficiency in calcium may be due do certain disorder in the blood, diseases like leukemia, tumors, medications, alcohol abuse, a deficiency of the vitamin D in your body, a poor intake of calcium by you or the incapability of your body to absorb it from your food etc.

The symptoms of calcium deficiency would involve a sensation of muscle cramps around the arms and legs. You may even sense irritability in the nerves and muscles which are directly affected by the low level of calcium in your blood. This may lead to twitching and spasms. An excess of such irritation may even result in depression. At times you may even experience a tingling sensation or numbness in your toes or fingers. The deficiency of calcium can also cause irregular contractions of the muscles in the heart leading to confusion and disorientation.

Pale skin, sweating even when it is cold, a constant feeling of tiredness etc are some visible signs of calcium deficiency. Some babies are born with such deficiencies in such cases the growth of the child is not proper as the bones do not develop properly.

Women in their teens suffering from a deficiency of calcium may also experience improper feminine development like delayed puberty or menses, heavy blood flow and cramps.

A deficiency in calcium can also lay down a healthy foundation for diseases like rickets and osteoporosis – which is mostly experienced by women after their menopause. This usually makes the bone very brittle and is only detected after a bone is broken. The only way to ensure your safety is by maintaining a healthy level of calcium in your body right from the start.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

Written many TV serials including Health Based TV Shows, several articles and stories for various renowned magazines and also written articles for websites.