Build Up Your Immune System

build-up-your-immune-system There are many food items to help you build up your immune system. What many of us don’t know is the fact that many of the activities that we perform in our daily lives can actually help us build our immune system stronger. We just need to be a little careful in performing certain tasks to muscle up our immune system. Here are a few ways on how to muscle up your immune system and fight cold, flu and other bugs.

Meet your friends. Studies reveal that the lesser friends we have at work, at home or in the community, we are more likely to get sick and produce anxiety causing chemicals in our brains which would ultimately lead us to live shorter lives as compared to others who have a social life. Thus you should never let a busy workday come in between your friendships. Go and meet your friends once in a day or keep in touch through emails.

Have a good night’s sleep. A proper 7 – 8 hour sleep is very important to have a healthy immune system. Poor sleep lowers the immune system function and reduces the number of germ fighting killer cells. Studies have revealed that people who sleep for four hours every night for a week can produce only half the amount of antibodies required for flue fighting in their blood than those who slept for 7 – 8 hours.

Have a positive outlook towards life. A lot of researches have shown that those who have a positive outlook towards life live longer than those with negative approach. Positivity helps to reduce stress and thus leads to the production of germ fighting cells.

Don’t always have mood swings. Try to be happy and cheerful as it would lower down the stress levels and also make you feeling satisfied and rejuvenated.