Bring Life To Your Office Room

bring-life-to-your-office-r Usually people don’t feel like staying in their offices although it is one of the most important aspects of their lives. It is important to keep a source of inspiration and motivation in your office room which shall make you love your room and work harder. Here are some tips on bringing life to your office room.

1.) Keep plants in your room. Having greenery in your room definitely helps in refreshing your senses. Your room comprises of a lot of gadgets like your laptops, files, telephones, etc greenery will definitely calm your senses. Plans like English ivy, philodendron, etc will be a great option to keep in your room. Make sure you water them regularly and try and place them near sunlight so they can get their nutrition.

2.) Have a corner in the room for relaxation. Your office is the place where you do most of the brain storming. You must have a corner in your room where you can sit and relax when the workload takes its toll over your mind and you have reached your saturation peak. It can also mean having a chair where you can just sit and do nothing.

3.) Repaint your walls. You tend to associate the color of your office walls with workload and depression and the color actually is quite responsible for bringing down your spirits. Change the color of your walls to greens or blues which can make you feel relaxed and give you energy to work.

4.) Fix a whiteboard to your walls. A white board comes very handy when you have to pen down your thoughts. You can write your ‘to do’ list on the board so that you are constantly reminded of things you have to do. It will motivate you to finish up your tasks.

5.) Have some paintings in your room. Having visual inspiration in the room always helps in rejuvenating one’s senses. You can have paintings or pictures of your family or loved ones in your room to help you at times when you feel low. This will act as an instant source of inspiration.