Body Shape Female Fit – Emancipating from Physical Stagnancy

Beauty has an enigmatic effect. It puzzles the beholders for time being. The beauty does not start and end in face only rather, from head to toe, it exists to bewitch the onlookers. The ideal body beauty is having variant criteria and it largely depends on the socioeconomic background and culture of the places but there is some basic similarity in the body shape of female fitness. It includes criteria of particular physical construction.

European guideline suggests that ideally a female model body should follow 34-24-34 measurement with a minimum height of 5ft and 8in. truly speaking, adherence to this guide line is not possible for working women unless, totally devoted to it but one can come nearer and may enjoy an advantageous position in society.

What to Look for Female Body Fitness

Body shape is not a fragmentary issue rather it involves total body part and once neglected, it indulges the fat and unwanted substances to get deposited in the body and making it gradually uncontrollable. The fat content, muscle content and the bony structure are the important parts to direct the shape of the female body. Some genetic components influence significantly for the present physical structure but regular exercise with a moderate control on food habit can marshal this to a healthy zone. The abdomen, thighs, buttock and arms need special attention.

Monitoring the fat and muscle content here, not only attracts beauty but can reduce many future complications.  In females, some hormones also greatly play their role. Here the ratio of estrogen and progesterone are quite indicative. Estrogen provides feminist looks more but tends to deposit fat and water. The shining of the skin or hair is the out come of the influence of estrogen.  On the contrary over influence of progesterone tends to give male like or androgenic appearance. Additionally waist to hip ratio is another criterion for charming beauty and healthy body.

Maintaining Guide Line of The Experts

You should inculcate the habit of regular exercise, may be aerobic or yoga that suits you best and devote a specific permissible time every day for it. You also have to keep a strict watch on the overweight and underweight issue and get yourself regular checked up on this. Needless to mention, that clothing and accessories are the catalysts that increases the beautification of the female world. The choice is variable but you have to harmonize your apparel in socially acceptable manner. By this way you can have the gift of body shape female fitness.