Body Lice: Symptoms And Treatment

Body lice are parasites that live on mammals by sucking blood from the bodies of their hosts. They are also known as cooties and fly babies. Body lice are microscopic in size and cannot be detected by naked eye.

Their color is mainly brown and gray. Being infected by body lice is a terrible skin condition.

One sure shot sign of being infected by body lice is appearance of small red dots on the body. These red dots are signs of being bitten by the lice. They mainly attack the body parts that remain covered by elastic bands. So band areas from skirts, trousers and undergarments are more susceptible to attack from lice. Being bitten by lice causes severe itch.

One cannot see lice but you can feel them moving on your skin. Their movement causes light tickling that you might want to scratch. You will feel more itchy and ticklish while resting. This is because the lice prefer crawling on the skin when the body is not in motion.

Some people also find their scalp infested with body lice. Presence of body lice in hair causes black dandruff. You will also find the white eggs of lice mixed with the black dandruff.

It is important to take good care of your skin in order to avoid being infected by body lice. If you have been infected then start practicing good hygiene. Medicated shampoos for hair lice do not help treat body lice.

The step to eliminating body lice is to wash yourself thoroughly with hot water. This might cause redness on the skin but only hot water will kill the body lice.
It is important to ensure that the other members of your household are also infection free.

Body lice spread easily through contact with used clothes and linen. In case of body lice infection the entire household should take measures to get rid of the parasite.

Clothes and linen should be soaked in hot water and detergent for at least half an hour before washing. Boil leaves of Indian Lilac and use the water to wash clothes and body. However, if the infection is very severe then consult a doctor and burn the clothes and linen used.