Benefits of Rose Water

Cleansing your skin with rose water can have a magical effect on your skin. Rose water has an exquisite scent. This natural cleanser has been used traditionally as a facial cleanser.

Uses of Rose Water

The benefits of using rose water as skin care are immense. It hydrates and nourishes the skin very beautifully. Rose water can be mixed in bath water to get a refreshing feeling as it invigorates the senses. It can be used in facial mask or hair mask. After bath, it can be used as a moisturizer also.

Rose water works for every skin type. To tone and balance the oily skin, rose water works great. Even sensitive skin can be treated well and soothed with rose water. It serves multiple purposes like purifying and toning, harmonizing and cooling.

It can also be used as an aftershave for getting soothing effect to the irritated skin. It has a good capacity to heal the wounds and sun burn. Mature skin is rejuvenated after its use and gives protection from acne and other skin disease. Rose water contains antibacterial properties and helps to treat acne and many other skin problems.

How to Use

Use rose water for removing your makeup. Dip a cotton ball in rose water or spray a little rose water on your face to soften the makeup. It will make scrubbing easy and protect the softness of the skin.

For toning the skin before the application of foundation, use rose water on your face and neck. This will help in making the makeup last and brings a glow on your skin. For retaining vitality and moisture and removing wrinkles from your skin, use rose water on your face every morning and at night with help of cotton balls in circular motion.

Rose extract are used widely in cosmetics and foundations because it has regenerating properties that makes the texture of the skin soft and beautiful.

For a luxurious bubble bath, add few drops of rose water in your bath water. You will feel special and completely relaxed. After getting out of bath, rub your body with the mixture of rose water and almond oil to get smooth skin.