Banana Chocolate Cones

Banana Chocolate Cones Total servings- 12
Preparation Time- 25 minutes (additional time for cooling)
Cooking Time- 25 minutes

Ingredients-Flour (1/2 cup), Milk (2 cups), Pinch salt, egg yolks (2 large), sugar (3/4 cups), Pure vanilla extract (2 teaspoons), Vegetable oil (1/3 cups), unsalted butter ( softened, 2 tablespoons), bananas (3-4 or 11/4 pounds), chocolate chips (12 ounce packet), ice cream cones (12 flat bottomed) and whipped cream (14 ounce can).

How to prepare– Take a medium sized heavy saucepan. Put it over low medium heat with milk in it. Also, take a large bowl and whisk eggs yolks in it until it becomes pale yellow. Mix sugar, flour and salt in a small sized bowl.

This mixture should be added to the yolks. Sort it with spoon until smooth. A quarter of hot milk should be poured into the yolk mixture. It can be scrambled, so whisk it well and also whisk it in remaining milk.

Add vanilla extract to it and one more time whisk it properly. Now, bring the mixture to boil, while cooking whisk for 2 minutes vigorously. Remove the pan from heat and then stir butter to it. Again whisk it properly until it becomes smooth.

Take a medium sized bowl and grease it properly, now, pour the whole mixture in the bowl. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap. Freeze it for next few hours until it becomes cool and firm to touch.

In another medium sized bowl, mash the peeled bananas with the help of spoon. Stir it to the cooled custard. In a medium sized baking dish, line the wax paper. Pour some oil in a medium pan and put it over heal until it started rippling. Add chocolate chips to it and turned off the flame. You can beat this with the help of a spoon until it becomes smooth and melted.

Take 4 cones; fill the melted chocolate with the help of a spoon. Wait for 10 minutes as you have to put them in fridge for that time. Now, put mixture in the cone and at the end also put a thick coat of chocolate and chocolate chips on the top. Place all the cones in baking dish for drain and put in fridge for 1 hour.  You can also use whipped cream as toppings.

Seasoning– You can sprinkle the cocoa, cinnamon or chopped nuts over the cones.