Balanced Diet And Healthy You

breakfast_lunch You tried everything to keep yourself fit and healthy. You are either trying to gain weight or shed that extra flesh from your body. But, all your efforts to keep yourself healthy go in vain.

You are putting on weight day by day or are looking like a thin stick. People laugh at you when they see you or you are suffering from innumerable diseases. You want to put a stop to it but are not aware of the secrets behind it.

Watch out: If you have tried all other method and have not been successful, then you must take a re-look at the pattern of your diet. What you eat and how you eat it. What you include in your breakfast, lunch, brunch, snacks and dinner. You must analyze if your diet is a balanced one.

Facts: Our body is nothing but a bunch of flesh and zones of chemical reactions. All the productions of enzymes (the chemical inside the body), tears, sweat, blood, pus, body wastes are the result of chemical reactions. Not just that, even all are emotions like sadness, joy, anger, melancholy, grief, jealous, pride, arrogance etc too are the results of the chemical reactions inside our body.

The body need: Our body requires Proteins (provide a source of materials for growth and repair), fats (provide a source of energy and contain fat soluble vitamins), carbohydrates (provide a source of energy), nutrients, acids, vitamins (required in very small quantities to keep you healthy), mineral salts (required for healthy teeth, bones, muscles etc.) and fiber (required to help your intestines function correctly; it is not digested). These are required in different proportions depending on your age, state and weight.

The wholesome and nutritious balanced diet is the key to happy, smiling and healthy life. So, you must refer to some chart to check how much of the different component is required by your body and you must incorporate them for see yourself happy and healthy.

The secret to health: It is said that the balanced diet keeps the pH level (a measure of the acidity or basicity of a solution) of our body at 7.4 (the ideal level). And this hidden secret is the key to health and happiness in your life. Maintain your pH level at 7.4 and you will never suffer with cold, fever, acidity, stomach problem, and headache or irritation in eyes, ears, nose and similar disease starting troubles.