Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Balance Your Hormones Naturally Hormones play an important role in a woman’s health. When hormonal imbalance occurs, it leaves a negative impact on her mood, fertility, sexual desire and ovulation. The female hormones estrogen and progesterone are produced every month. Imbalance occurs when estrogen and progesterone levels do not match and affects our health. The imbalance of this estrogen can cause menstrual disorders, poor breast health, uterine fibroids, weak bones and psychological problem like mood swings, irritability, anger and anxiety.

The endocrine system controls the function of our body to a great extent by releasing hormones and acts as a chemical messenger. The body remains in harmony when hormones are well regulated. But the hormonal imbalance occurs and throws the body out of gear when any hormone is in slightly deficiency or excess; and the result is emotional and physical distress.

Dependence on harsh drugs to rectify hormonal imbalance can lead to various side effects and spoil our health. Hormonal Replacement Therapy sometimes encourages the risk of breast cancer. For nourishing the female endocrine system and reproductive organs, it is a far better way to nourish them with a healthy diet. Here are some natural ways to regulate the hormones, concentrating on proper diet and nutrition.

Female hormonal imbalance can be treated with combination of cleansing and rejuvenation by adopting natural food recipes and practicing simple yoga postures to bring the endocrine system in rhythm.

Tips for Common Menstrual Disorders

Three most common menstrual disorders are:

• Excess menstruation
• Absence of menstruation
• Less menstruation

To get rid of this menstrual disorder, drink a glass of hot water after mixing one table spoon lemon juice and one teaspoon ginger juice and one table spoon pure honey together twice a day. You should start drinking this, two days before your menstrual cycle starts. Take it four times a day during periods. This magic drink will relive you from the pain and uneasiness by cleaning the uterus and fallopian tubes and gradually it will discipline the abnormalities in the monthly cycle as well.

Less menstruation is caused due to lack potassium, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Flatulence and acidity also disturbs the period and causes discomfort. To avoid this discomfort drink watermelon, sweet lime, musk melon or orange juice along with one table spoon honey and juice of basil, ginger and mint leaves two times a day.

Absence of periods which is mainly caused due to psychological problems can be treated with natural therapies like acupressure, steam bath or hydro therapy.

Take light and healthy meals, avoid coffee, and take iron and calcium supplements along with naturopathic treatment to get relief.