Bad Habits Behind The Wheels

bad-driving-habits Over 90% of the accidents that occur on roads are due to the bad habits of the driver. Most people do not consider driving to be a responsibility, rather they view driving as their basic right.

Young people especially teenagers generally have a habit to show off their driving capacity by driving too fast and crossing limits. They tend to forget that road is not a racing ground and by their careless driving they are causing risk to so many peoples lives as well their own life.

Old drivers who have been driving for a long span of time pick up number of bad habits due to over confidence. Some of these include, leaving inadequate space between their own vehicle and the vehicle in front, not using the indicator while taking a turn, paying no attention to the road ahead and not slowing down while approaching speed breaker. These bad habits proves fatal when an unexpected situation suddenly arrives like a car in front slams its brakes, suddenly a kid steps out on the road or there is a broken down vehicle on the road ahead.

Some other bad habits which affect the driving performance is changing CD or changing the station of the radio or eating and drinking while driving the car. Another serious offence people create while driving is calling on mobile or sending text messages which diverts their attention.

While driving not wearing seat belt, falling asleep behind the wheels, using perfumes or after shave lotion and wearing makeup are the habits which can lead to serious accidents on the road.  Lack of patient on the part of the driver is a major cause of accident on the road. Every second driver wants to over take the other. When they are in a hurry, they forget basic traffic rules, following which they can save their own lives and life of others also.

Driving on the road requires full concentration. To avoid any fatalities and severe consequences give up your all bad habits behind the wheels and strictly follow the traffic rules.