Baby Skin Care-The Protection Of Precious Jewel In Nature’s Delicacy

You will agree that babies are the most delicate creatures in the mother’s lap and same is applicable to their skin also. As a result, a special care is imperative in protecting the baby’s skin from possible harmful effects. Since defense mechanisms are not fully established in newborns, babies are more prone to various skin disorders and contact dermatitis.

Many medical authorities focused that in many pediatric set up; the eczema is the earliest manifestation of the skin disorder in newborn. Various skin rashes are quite common phenomena and viral disorders such as measles etc are rampant. The pigmentations, patches, scabies and lice problems can make the mother’s life precarious if adequate care is not instilled. Food also plays a very important role and if the balance is missed, it may register a life long and irreversible complication such as blindness of the eye.

The possible complications in baby’s skin:

You know that baby’s skin is very delicate and it can react readily to any allergen and can cause skin sensitivity problem. You should take adequate measure in washing your hand before touching the baby. The soap, used by the baby should content skin friendly ingredients. It is better to avoid touching or patting the baby by the strangers as you do not know who carries what infections.

If some bacterial infection is already there in the baby’s skin, you should immediately consult a pediatric, as it increases the chance of further infections by protozoa or fungus. Herpes virus is also very notorious and transmits very easily from any contaminated person. If first degree relative has some infectious disease, the child may carry potential risk for the same.

Caring effectively for bay’s skin:

The first rule is cleansing the environment, including cloths and bed sheet of the baby. There should be adequate protection against potentially harmful substances such as chemicals or pointed article like razor or blade. Adequate sun light and fresh air are of utmost necessity. The baby should be bathed regularly but if body temperature fluctuates, it is better to avoid bathing during this period. Umbilical cord scar should be cleansed up with harmless lotions preferably alcohol at least two times a day.

If child carries any skin infection and our are using any local or topical application you should be alert on this as body absorbs topical application also and may show reaction if used indiscriminately. Here professional guide line from a dermatologist or from a pediatric is of proper help. You will agree that a precious jewel also needs precious handling.