Baby Brain Boost – Supplements While Pregnant

Supplements-during-pregnanc Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful experiences in women’s life. During this time, women go under many physiological changes. So, proper care should be taken of not only the woman but also of the child.

Health Supplements are very helpful in keeping you and your baby healthy. Your doctor will subscribe you health supplements that will include calcium, folic acid and iron. These supplements are provided just to ensure that your baby is provided sufficient amount of nutrients. Pregnant woman should also drink ample amounts of water to keep herself away from dehydration.

Folic acid is supplied to the baby to keep him/her from the defects of brain or spine. It is also helpful in keeping the baby away from other defects too like cleft lip and congenital heart disease. Intake of folic acid lessens the possibility of neural tube defects in the baby. Folic acid plays an important role in cell development and formation of some fetal structures.

Another supplement that is important during pregnancy is iron. It helps in increasing the amount of blood in the body and thus keeps the body healthy. One another use of iron is that it keeps you and your baby away from anemia as an anemic child can have low immune system. Milk, tea or coffee should not be advisably taken as it decreases the absorption of iron in the body. To maximize iron absorption, iron supplements should be taken in between meals with water or juice.

Calcium as a supplement is also very important for strengthening the bones of pregnant lady. It also helps in developing the bones of the baby properly. Calcium should be taken with Vitamin D as it is good in absorption. Vitamin D can be taken by the body when exposed to sunlight.
A lot more supplements are there that you should take when you are pregnant.

The ones that are mentioned above are the most important ones and thus should be surely taken. These supplements will keep you and your baby away from the pre-natal and neo-natal problems. With these supplements, a proper pre-natal check up is very important to keep a check on the growth of mum and baby.


  • It is also important to remember the sun as your source of vitamin D, which is not derived from any food source. While doctors often say that as little as 20 minutes of full sun per day can supply your daily requirement of vitamin D, they also caution that it depends on your climate and geographical location.