Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy By Learning About Safe Sex

avoid unwanted pregnancy Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the best gifts to a woman. But our civilized culture and also certain important issues make it mandatory to have a pregnancy with proper planning and safety.

Pregnancy is a gift and many people who crave for parenthood may not be fortunate enough to be blessed with this gift due to various complications. Therefore pregnancy shouldn’t be taken lightly and should only be considered when the woman is secured from every way and is within the right age.

There can be various reasons why a pregnancy may become unwanted and the expectant mother is left with no other choice than an abortion. An abortion is a painful process both physically and mentally and often it leaves scars beyond repair. Sometimes a woman may even lose fertility and may be deprived of motherhood when she actually wants it.

Even if a married woman gets pregnant which may be an unplanned or an unwanted pregnancy she may somehow consider to accept it without choosing to abort. But when teenagers and unwed women face the problem of an unwanted pregnancy then a deliberate abortion becomes obvious. Thus it is highly essential that when a woman is indulging in sexual activity she must first learn and understand safe sex and the required contraceptive measures to avoid unwanted pregnancy and abortion.

Consequences of an unwanted pregnancy

Abortion is legally not allowed in certain countries and by some religions as well. But an unwanted pregnancy which has to be accepted forcefully may take various negative turns. The child who comes through an unwanted pregnancy may not be loved and cared for and the family may not be financially well off to support the kid.

Teenage pregnancy and unwed mothers may face various social stigma and even isolation. Their kids may not be even accepted by the society in some countries and religions. There can be huge psychological stress and frustration which may even compel the mother to commit suicide. Men are also not spared of the stress. When a man, whether he is married or not, comes to know that he is going to be a father the initial reaction is always of a shock.

If the pregnancy is a planned one the man may be filled with joy and happiness. But if the pregnancy is an unwanted one the man falls into the grip of stress and tension. A pregnancy means a huge responsibility; many things should be considered like financial, social and personal matters before contemplating a pregnancy.

Sometimes over indulgence in alcohol may cause impulsive behavior by having unsafe sex for which later on the individual may have to repent badly. Therefore just being little careful by being well equipped knowledgeably regarding safe sex and contraception can ensure us to enjoy life’s most beautiful experiences which are sex and pregnancy.

About safe sex and contraception

Safe sex is a very important aspect of our modern life. Safe sex ensures not only prevention of unwanted pregnancies but also the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases and infections which are highly contagious and dangerous. Using a condom is must especially when you don’t know your partner too well.

Many women also consider taking birth control pills to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Consult the doctor to learn and know about birth control pills. Medical breakthroughs have even taken out medicines which can be taken immediately after an accidental or unsafe sexual encounter to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Don’t take birth control through self administration. Always consult an experienced physician before taking birth control pills.

Women who just had a pregnancy and are breast feeding may miss periods for a while. Therefore it is very difficult to judge whether the new mother has become pregnant once again. Hence extra caution must be taken after a delivery while performing sex.

For teenagers there should be proper sex education both at home and at school. Parents should be friendly and open with their kids when they reach puberty and train them on the various aspects of safe sex.

While parents won’t be able to control their kids regarding whether to choose or not to choose to have sex before becoming an adult they can at least make the kids well knowledgeable regarding the important aspects. However, proper parenting skills can even ensure to convince kids not to have sex before they become adults.

Avoid unwanted pregnancies in the most natural way

It is interesting to know that both men and women have been endowed with an ability to avoid unwanted pregnancy in a very natural and safe way without even using contraceptive. The woman just needs to make a small calculation in consultation with her physician.

This calculation is regarding the ovulation period which begins roughly after 10-12 days of the menstruation cycle. This period is the most unsafe period to have unprotected sex as the woman is ovulating and high chances are there that she might get pregnant if sperm enters her vagina.

A man can also avoid unwanted pregnancy by ejaculating outside the vagina. This way both men and women can also prevent unwanted pregnancy in the most natural ways. Both the man and woman must act maturely and not on impulse as the consequences later on might be too hard to handle. There can be no stress or tension if safe sex methods are followed and we can enjoy our life as well as sex to the optimum.

Handle sex and pregnancy maturely

Sex and pregnancy are two of the best gifts of life but if any of these are handled in immature ways there can be bad consequences and complications which may be beyond our control to handle. Being mature ensures us to be calm rather than being impulsive and lets us take wise decisions.

Having unsafe sex or unwanted pregnancy with no choice other than an abortion are not at all wise behavior manifestations. Thus enjoy life, sex and also pregnancy in the most mature ways and take wise decisions so that there is no scope of repentance later on.