Avert Hair Graying

Hair turns grey as our age advances. It is a natural process which occurs due to the reduced production of melanin pigment in the air bulb with the increase of age. When the production of melanin decreases rapidly, premature graying of hair starts.

These days, premature graying of hair has become a common problem, especially among teenagers. Premature graying of hair occurs mainly due to hereditary reasons. But their some other factors that causes premature graying of hair. They are:

•   Excessive stress, tension or anxiety
•    Severe and prolonged illness like typhoid
•    Intake of fried food in excess
•    Consuming excessive alcohol, tea or coffee
•    Pollution and over exposure of your hair to sunlight.
•    Eating excessive spicy, acidic and sour food
•    Deficiency of copper and other vital nutrients in your food.

You can avert graying of your hair with the help of following measures.

While going out in the sun, you must cover your hair either by wearing a fancy hat or by using an umbrella or a nice scarf. This will protect your hair from pollution, dust as well as intense heat of the sun.Avoid using hair gels and creams as they can block the pores of your scalp and damage your hair.

If you swim regularly then you should wear ca cap every time to protect your hear from damage. Chlorine water not only promotes hair graying, they can damage your hair completely by making them dry and causing infection of scalp or dandruff.

While sleeping let your hair be loose to allow blood circulation. Tightly braided hair can weaken the roots of the hair and promote hair graying.

Give your hair good nourishment by massaging softly with hot coconut oil at least thrice a week and also take hot towel treatment to avert hair graying.

Reduce consumption of alcohol and smoking. Also, limit the use of styling gel. Instead of using chemical based shampoos which are usually harsh on your hair roots and causes graying of hair when over used, use natural shampoo to avert premature graying of hair.

Include protein rich foods like meat, soy and sprouted whole grain cereals in your diet. Your diet must have foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and iron. Include dark green leafy vegetable, yellow fruits, bananas, cauliflower, tomatoes, yogurt and cereals etc. Eating healthy balanced food prevents premature hair graying.

Preeti Mehta