Art of Tasting Chocolates

Chocolates…did reading this word bring a smile on your face. The all time favorite dessert in the whole world, its consumed in many forms. All chocoholics are already small experts, of course once you taste the chocolate you are able to identify what isn’t good and which ones make you want more.

Here are few methods developed by these experts, following them you to will be able to judge the quality of the chocolate you are about to bite into.


First, taste with your eyes, the appearance of a chocolate bar is one of the main criteria used to judge the chocolate by experts. They come in variety of color ranging from dark brown to milky white. The chocolate should be glossy and even colored.

The color depends on the origin of the cocoa beans and the roasting process. Also, the edges and molding should be clear the extra effort makes the chocolate bar more pleasing to your eyes.


Cup the chocolate in your palms and smell it. At first you may only get a chocolaty smell from it. But eventually you’ll note the richness, sweetness and earthiness in the chocolate. You’ll also be able to take in the aroma given off by the individual ingredients put in to make the chocolate.

The smell of chocolate varies from nutty, fruity, spicy and in some cases floral or burnt or waxy or moldy etc. just take in the smell and let your imagination run wild.


When you hold a chocolate bar in between your fingers and break it, you should hear a prominent and crisp snap. The snap determines the quantity of cocoa butter in the chocolate, determining how finely ground the particles are and how well it was tempered. Since white chocolate and milk chocolate has lesser amount of cocoa the snap will be gentler.


Put the chocolate piece in your mouth, fight the temptation to immediately chew and swallow. Instead, place the chocolate in the roof on your mouth and rub your tongue on the backside. Feel the chocolate melt, it’ll either melt quickly or take its own time or sometimes give a gummy chewy feeling.


Finally the moment you have been waiting for, tasting the chocolate. Chew a couple of times and observe the new taste that it gives out on every chew.Try and recognize the blend of flavors in them and how it feels against your palate.

The taste that chocolate leaves in your mouth is called finish. The finish should not be unpleasant and bitter. Taste chocolate on a clean palate so that you don’t mix it with other tastes.Beginners may take time to enjoy the fine subtlety involved in chocolate tasting. But I’m sure this is one task everyone would love to try over and over again till they master it.