Are You Still In Dilemma Whether To Bid Adieu To Smoking Or Not?

smoking-300x225 Tobacco is universally considered to be a silent killer. If you are a smoker you are probably having the risk of developing diseases, some of which may prove fatal for your health and kill you earlier than the period you would be surviving as a non smoker.

If you are smoking in spite of knowing the fact about its harmful effects on your body, you would probably be worrying about how to give it up.

Nicotine, which is contained in tobacco, is an addictive substance that forms your habit for regular smoking to such an extent that you will find it very difficult to give up smoking especially without help.

If you initially failed to give up smoking it does not mean that you will not succeed in becoming a non smoker. What you will need is your determination and strong will power to live without smoking.

The first and foremost requirement for you is to take a bold decision to quit smoking and set a deadline for it. Accordingly use resources and options available before you to help you succeed in quitting it.

Chalk out an action plan for quitting smoking

Without a plan you can hardly achieve any success. Since you have already decided to give up smoking, you must start chalk out the plan and stake steps for its implementation. Your plan should include getting all possible support of your family members, friends, relatives, advisor and even your doctor.

Take non-nicotine medications which can also help you in your plan to quit smoking.

Now list the places where you feel liking smoking. Considering such places highly risky for yourself, you would better avoid going there. Rather choose to go to the places like museum and cinema hall where smoking is prohibited.

You may be citing tension as a reason for your smoking habit and used nicotine for coping it up. But now try to be proactive and find ways for stress management by consulting your doctor. You can also consult to your mental health provider to know how to cope up with stressful situations.

With all such measures you can live a smoke-free life and regain your energy, stamina and vitality that you were losing due to your habit of smoking.

As a non smoker you will have a lesser risk of developing heart attack. In the next five years, you will regain your health at par with those who never smoked.

Yogesh Mishra