Apply Coconut Milk For Hair Growth

Hairs have become an important part of our life. Every woman wishes long, strong and lustrous hair. If there is any problem regarding hair, the woman becomes anxious and seeks for all the ways which can help her for her hairs. But there are certain home remedies which can help her in her own house only and she does not have to go to anyone for the help. Among these remedies, the most important is the coconut. Coconut milk is an excellent hair revitalizer and causes the hair growth.

Coconut Milk as a Revitalzser

Coconut milk, coconut oil and coconut water are all different from each other. Any of these forms can be beneficial for your hair growth. Coconut water is the liquid which is present in the hollow of the coconut. Coconut milk is obtained by the process of grinding of the meat of the ripped coconut and then squeezing the white liquid from it. This white liquid is called as a coconut milk as it appears like that of the white color of the milk. Coconut oil can be obtained by boiling the meat of the ripped coconut in the water. After boiling, the coconut oil floats on the water surface as it is lighter than the water. This floating oil is then separated and collected.

Hair Growth by Coconut Oil

Coconut milk contains a large quantity (about one third) of fats and fatty acids. It also contains many different types of vitamins and minerals which would be beneficial for the long hair growth. Women are instructed to apply this coconut milk on the scalp at least on the alternate days. But merely applying the coconut milk to the hairs will not give the effective results. There are some precautions which are to be followed for the betterment of the coconut milk effects.

Before applying the coconut milk, care must be taken that your hairs are must be free from dandruff, dust and dirt because presence of these interferes in the absorption process of the coconut milk. So if there is a presence of these agents then first and clean the scalp using a good anti dandruff shampoo. After that, the next step is to apply the enriched coconut milk on the scalp without leaving a single spot. Then gently massage your scalp so that the blood circulation increases over that area increasing the rate of absorption.

Then soak a clean towel in hot water and squeeze it and cover your hair with that pre – warmed towel. This is done to open the pores on your scalp in order to enhance the absorption of the coconut milk. Leave it for two hours and then wash it with plain water. Do not shampoo it. Repeat the same procedure on every alternate day if possible and watch the results.

Follow The Magic Remedy of The Coconut Milk for Long Hairs