An Overview Of Pubic Lice

pubic-lice Are you having itchy feeling in your pubic area? If you are frequently indulging in sexual intercourse, pubic live may be the major factor behind itchiness in your pubic area.

Pubic lice can be characterized as an infection of the hairy growth in public area by blood sucking insects known as Pthirus pubis. Pubic lice can also be called as crab lice because they look like bug’s crab on microscope.

Pubic lice which are sustained by blood produce itch as a response to the bites. Though pubic lice primarily affect the hairy growth in pubic area, they can occur in eyelashes, armpits, beard and other coarse hair like that in the chest area.

However, the hair on the head remains intact from pubic lice because the distance between follicles on head does not allow them to grow. Pubic lice ideally grow in the distance between follicles of coarse hair.

Close genital contact for sexual intercourse is the main reason for the spread of pubic lice. Pubic lice can also spread due to bedding or sharing of clothing. Pubic lice do not exist in toilet seat because they cannot have grip on the smooth surface.

How to know if you have crabs?

If you are having itchy feeling you can use a magnifying glass for having a close look on the affected area. The lice can be seen crawling around. Their eggs (called nits) that resemble the tiny rice grains can be seen sticking to the hair.

If you are still uncertain about the causes of itchiness in your pubic area, you would better see a health care professional for proper diagnosis.

You can buy an over-the-counter permethrin-containing cream for external application on the affected area. Other medications are also available for treatment of pubic lice.

After treatment, use your fingernails for pulling the nits off the hair shaft. You can also use fine-toothed comb for this.

If you suspect presence of lice on your eyelashes or other coarse hair sites you would better see a doctor since treatment of such sites necessitates use of prescription ointment.

Yogesh Mishra