Air Travel Tips for Infants- How to Keep an Infant happy in a Flight

Travelling when on a long trip on an airplane is quite a harrowing experience especially today with the increased amount of security checks, delays in flights and other unforeseen circumstances. If you aren’t prepared to confront these situations you are going to end up not only getting exasperated but will also prefer planning your next trip via an alternate mode of transportation.

Air travel becomes even more frustrating especially if you are travelling along with family and infants. There are many do’s and don’t that you must pay attention to in order to avoid unnecessary grief and frustration. Travelling from one place to another should be stress free and there are a few things that you can do in order to make sure that you have a happy and pleasant experience especially when travelling with infants.

Plan your travel well in advance to avoid any disappointments. This will also give you the opportunity to shop around for the best fares and deals. Inform the airlines at the time of booking your tickets that you will be travelling along with an infant and enquire about any specific conditions that you might have to adhere to while travelling with an infant. Some airlines insist that you carry a car seat along with you which your infant is supposed to use while onboard the aircraft. Other airlines provide you with a car seat which you can use onboard to ensure that your child is kept safe.

If you feel that your infant would require liquids such as milk or juice you are permitted to carry the same in your carry on luggage however check with the airlines at the time of booking your tickets with regards to the quantity that you can carry with you. Some airlines go out of their way to ensure that fresh milk or even packaged milk is available on the flight if you request for the same at the time of booking.

When travelling with an infant make sure that your cabin luggage or carry-on luggage is packed properly and is adequately equipped to take care of any emergency. Pack extra diapers, wet wipes and tissue so that you are prepared for any incident that you may have. Make sure that you include a changing mat and plenty of disposable bags. Both these items will come in handy incase you need to change your infant and don’t have access to a bin to dispose off soiled nappies.