Advantages and Disadvantages of Pre-packed Fruit Juices

beetrootjuice Fruits juice is considered healthy and nutritive for all age groups and is loved by everyone. The nutritious content in fruit juice is as high as it is in the fruit as a whole, though the amount of fibre is highly reduced. However, fruit juice is best when it is fresh.

Pre-packed fruit juices are extremely tasty and convenient. The market is flooded with numerous fruit juices in delicious variants and cocktails, including off-season fruits. There is no struggle to take out the juicer, clean the fruits and extract juice. Just open, pour and drink! But, are these juices really healthy? Are they nutritive? The packs often advertise that the juice is made from fresh fruits, has no added colour, preservative or synthetic flavours. If this was really the case, then how can the juice remain edible for several months without getting spoilt? Fresh fruit juice gets spoilt very easily unless it has some kind of preservative in it.

It is extremely necessary to read the fine print while purchasing fruit juice in tetra packs or bottles. The manufacture and expiry dates are most important as the juice turns rancid after some time. It is mandatory for all manufacturing companies to list the ingredients. If the juice is absolutely pure, there should be no mention of any form of preservative. But, this is generally not the case as some categories of food preservatives are added, though they may not be as detrimental as others.

Fruit juices often have additional colouring agents to give a rich colour to the juice akin to its natural fruit. These colouring agents are extremely detrimental and cause irritation in the throat. The ‘orange’ colour that is used is extremely detrimental and most doctors caution against it. If any person is suffering from a throat infection, or is prone to throat infections, he/she should avoid all food products that have orange colour added to them. Most other dark colouring agents are also harmful.

If juices are to be consumed, then they must be consumed fresh; or else, if consumed from pre-packed bottles, then those that look natural in colouring should be consumed.