Adult Acne

74411273 Acne is one of the most common skin disorders among adults. There is a major misconception that acne occurs mostly among teenagers. In fact recent studies have shown that almost half million women suffer from some form of acne or other. There are almost 80 per cent of adults who suffer from acne problems in their 20s or 30s.

Acne usually begins with the accumulation of blackheads, which mostly result from the accumulation of oil and dead skin on the surface and clogs the pores. In adults there are primarily different types of acne. Blackhead are formed when the bacteria gets trapped into the clogged pores. These then turn black when they come in contact with air.

The same blackhead, when gets inflammed it takes the shape of a pimple. These pimples when infected further can take the form of pustules. This is the most common acne to leave a scar behind. The cysts also leave a scar behind when its gets burst.

Acne among adults can be formed due to various reasons these include stress, the usage of bad cosmetics, which does not have the required composition needed for the acne prone skin. You should try and avoid oily products and try and use products, which has the label saying noncomedogenic. One of the other common reasons include hormonal imbalance among the body. There have been instances of acne among women when they take birth control pills, which trigger the androgen level in the body causing acne. Birth control pills contain progesterone, which aggravates the androgen levels in the body.

In adults acne is mostly caused by the fluctuating hormones. This is the most common reason for adult acne among the women. There are androgens that are released by the ovaries and testes and these further stimulate the sebaceous glands, which increase the oil production in the body. Women get some sharp hormonal fluctuations during menstruation, pregnancy, ovulation and even menopause.

Acne is more severe among men than in women. This happens because of the high level of testosterone among male adults.

There are times that acne can be attributed to heredity. There have been instances when the parents suffer from acne there are chances of you also having it.

Researchers believe that rubbing the blackhead will further inflame the skin, which will make the acne worse. Instead of using a grainy scrub that will irritate the skin, one should opt for an exfoliant that will contain the alpha hydroxyl acids. You can also use a cleanser, which has salicyclic acid in it. These do not allow the bacteria to grow and reduces the inflammation also.

One of the biggest misconception among people is that acne is caused by having foods like cheese and chocolate. There has been no evident proof that acne is affected by food. Through it is recommended that if you have acne prone skin then you should have more of sulphur, zinc and fiber in your diet.

In some cases of acne the dermatologist attention is required. The mild acne can be treated in the home or by using the over the counter products. There are numerous over the counter products available for acne these days.

There is a general belief among dermatologists and consumers that any product with salicyclic acid works on the skin well. This allows the pores of the skin to open up considerably. Benzoyl acid on the other hand is an exceptional ingredient that helps to kill the bacteria on the acne, which is the sole reason for the acne appearing on the skin.

Acne at times can leave a scar behind. There are different kinds of scar a few can be treated by bleaches and other products. The permanent scar requires different types of treatment. One of the most common is laser treatments.

Laser treatments are widely known but are mostly very expensive and require a lot of time to be healed.

Cystic acne is not healed by over the counter products. In some severe cases the most effective treatment for them comes in the form of accutane. This drug is known to have side effects. Accutane is a five month course for adults only. This drug is not to be taken by women during their pregnancy as it may result in some birth defects in the child.

When you are treating that acne always remember that what works on a teenage skin most of the times will be not effective on the adult skin. The adult acne needs to be treated carefully. You can follow a simple regime to keep your skin clean. The skin should be washed twice a day with an anti bacterial soap and pat dry. Use a mild exfoliater, which preferably should contain salicyloic acid.

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