Acne Scar Treatment

preventacne Acne can be very harsh on the skin but what is more disturbing than acne is the scar that it leaves behind. The mark can be emotionally disturbing to a lot of acne sufferers. The good news is that the advent of new technologies has made a hoard of new treatments available in the market, which helps in treating acne scars.

There are a lot of options available now. Here, we will explore the various options of the treatments and product that is available to an acne sufferer. The biological acne scarring treatment has proven very effective. In this treatment the old and the damaged tissues are replaced by the new cells. The biological treatment using some topical ingredients helps in creating healthy cells. The treatment enables the damaged tissues to diffuse the amino acid components in the body to enable the cellular growth.

The treatment uses an enzyme, which initiates a metabolism process in the skin, which starts the process of skin repair and skin remodeling. The process boasts the collagen and elastin levels of the skin.

The other common method used while treating acne scars is Dermabrasion. As the name suggests this cosmetic procedure removes the surface of the damaged skin by abrasion. The process is usually painful, hence it is done by giving the patient a general anaesthetize.

Dermabrasion is commonly used to remove small scars or dark spots from the skin. It is a useful treatment for sun damaged skin also. The treatment takes a lot of time to heal. It almost takes months for the patient to be regrow the skin.. It works well for scars, which are on the surface of the skin as it cannot reach the deeper layers of the skin. The process is now also done with the help of laser.

Microdermabrasion is a part of the same dermabrasion treatment but is more effective and less painful than the earlier one. This treatment is gentler than dermabrasion. The treatment enables to eliminate the superficial layer of the skin, which is called epidermis. The infected skin is mostly rough. This is called keratinocytes in other words this can be called the roughness on the skin. The process helps to eliminate this part of the skin. The result of microdermabrasion is better and the scars are not visible. The process does not require many treatments. It works on the puberty scars  as well.

The latest way to remove scars these days is through laser therapy. This treatment wounds the skin using microscopic pulses of light. The treatment needs a lot of sitting to be perfect. There various kinds of laser therapy. These include fraxel laser, affirm laser and pixel laser. Laser treatment is mostly expensive and takes a lot of sittings to be get the desired result. The best part about it is that it is not painful.

There are instances when laser resurfacing is also used to heal the scars caused by acne. In this treatment the molecular bonds are dissolved by laser, which eliminates damaged cells and stimulates the growth of more collagen in the skin. The collagen regenerates lifts and supports the skin’s surface. This improves the appearance of the acne scars tremendously. The treatment is done according to the scar, the more deep the scar the more treatments it requires.

In some cases the acne scars are healed through the process of chemical peeling. This treatment works towards improving the texture of the skin through a chemical solution. The affected skin by contact with the chemical solution peels off. The new skin takes its place. This works very well on small and light scars, with not much depth.

There are times when the scar left by the acne is deep and in these cases there is subcision done to remove the scar. Subcision is a surgical process; it separates the skin tissue in the affected area from the deepest scar tissue. This in turns allow the blood to flow to the affected area. The blood pool allows the affected area to level with the rest of the skin. The scar can then be removed by wither laser therapy or microdermabrasion.

You should always remember a few things before you go for an acne scar treatment. Always consult with your dermatologist as to which treatment would be the most beneficial for you as different people have different scar, which require customsied treatments. There are times when there will be more than one type of treatment used to get rid of that scar.


  • robyn sears

    I have had sever acne in the past and was left with unattractive scars on my face. 
    I purchased the Dr. Max Powers Scar Serum from their website online – it was medium expensive for a scar cream – because  I needed a solution. The Max Powers Scar Cream does work well, but don’t expect to see results instantly. You need to apply it regularly and consistently for about a month in order to see results. It really does work though. 
    My scars are much more toned down and less visible.