A Blue Prom Dress

blue-prom-dress The most important role is played by colours when you have to choose a prom dress. Blue is a colour which is never out of fashion and gives the classic look. There are large variety of blue shades in prom dress is in the market and a woman can feel like Cinderella after wearing a perfectly fit blue prom dress.

Different shades of blue

Among many shades of blues choosing the best colour you are looking for will simplify the process. Powder blue, light blue, periwinkle and baby blues are some options for light shades. For medium blue shades azure, dark blue, dodger blue and blue are there. Or if you are looking for darker shades then you can choose indigo, royal blue, cobalt blue, cerulean blue , sapphire, midnight blue, navy blue and denim.

The right blue for you

Before buying a blue dress you should consider what skin colour, eye colour and hair colour you have. The height and weight is also a factor to be looked upon. Light blue shades can wash out the skin and give a wide look. For a very fair skinned and large sized woman light shades are a big no. Darker shades give a slim and powerful look even to a wide figured person. The medium blues give added radiance and a glow to the skin.

Eye makeup with a blue prom dress

The eye shadow should be of the opposite colour to your eye. If you have blue eyes, brown and muted colours are best match. For green and hazelnut eye colour use lavender or pale pink eye shadow. Use of the opposite eye make up will make your eyes stand out. No matter what the dress colour is; a light blue shade on the eyes work great if you wish to have the mind set only for blues. Do not use the eye shadow with big flecks of glitters. It can spoil your cheek make up.

Accessories to go with a blue prom dress

Its big mistake is to accessorise a blue prom dress with different shades of blue. Avoid wearing shoes and handbag of the same shade of your dress.    Adding white or cream pearls to the necklace, bracelet etc gives the classic look. Diamonds with silver jewellery is another option.