1950’s Hairstyles

1950e28099s-hairstyles The hairstyles of 1950’s are classic and timeless. One of the prominent hairstyles of this period was the ponytail. However, the fashion of ponytail has not faded away. Rather, in women of all ages, we still find ponytail as a common style. Interestingly, the fashion of pony tail is already in fashion in men’s hairstyle.

I don’t think I need to explain in detail about what is a ponytail. Simply, hold all your hair in two hands and tie on the backside of your head with the help of an elastic or ribbon. During 1950’s, the popular fashion was to tie chiffon scarf around the pony tail.

Apart from the above ponytail hairstyle, there used to be other haircuts like poodle cut, beehive hairdos, pin curls and French pleat.

The poodle cut comes under short hairstyle. After doing perm, the hair used to be curled to get this style.

In long hairstyle, French pleat was very popular. This hair updo used to be worn for some formal gathering and parties like wedding. To get this hairstyle, hair was twisted in such a manner that it used to look like a coil woven intricately.

Another long hairstyle was the back combed style, in which most of the hair used to be gathered on the head, while leaving some to hang on the sides.

Another typical 1950’s style was pin curls. With the help of pins, waves and ringlets used to be created to make this style. During this period, we can say the curls were in demand and fashion.

Likewise, for men, the ducktail was in fashion. To get this style, you have to comb back your hair and grease into one place. Side burns were also very much in fashion.

During this time, hairstyles were given utmost importance as a part of their fashion and lifestyle. This outlook prompted mushrooming of hair salons everywhere during that period.