1920’s Makeup Trends

makeup-1920 Beauty is a woman’s precious ornament. It doesn’t matters whatever is your age, beautiful appearance is the demand of every woman. Different styles of make up are emerging these days. Trends are different but the procedures are almost similar. Whatever type of make up you choose it’s really important to perform the application task with due care and protection.

Nowadays people are really fond of getting the retro styles of make up. It doesn’t matters with your choice of make until and unless you are ready with the type of dress you want to wear. The look and style of the dress would decide what type of make you need to apply. This process might not be similar for every type of make up style but is true at least in case of 1920’s make trends. This period led to the improvement in make up styles and cosmetics. Before this time the trends were slightly different. The mascara was no the one we use nowadays. It was created by melting the wax and then was applied on to the eyelashes using a coloured especially an orange coloured stick.

There was no such trend for short hair. An ideal feminine look was considered with long hair only.

After the year 1920 there was massive improvement in the different ranges of cosmetics. Various creams, lotions, face packs and tones were developed due to which people got attracted to the cosmetic looks and styles.  The trend emphasises more on the natural look. There were no specific most wanted colours in make up equipments and cosmetics apart from the lipsticks only in which red was really in demand. One reason for this was the range of cosmetics gave few options for choice only. The thickness got more priority instead of colours. The lips were made to look attractive by coating the lipstick twice.

If you need a similar look then use a dark shade lip liner to highlight the lips properly first and then fill them with colour using a brush. This will not make your look weird rather would create a definitely shape of the lips which looks really attractive. You can try some similar shades of lipsticks like cherry or dark red that would go in accordance with the latest trends.

Women were very much fond of special eye make up trends. Eyes were made to look smooth by the application of thin layers of eye liner which were almost negligible. The procedure was such that the lower lids of were given a thin line and the upper lids were made broader. Black was very much common and apart from it dark brown was also a preference for some. If you want to give a smoky appeal then use single colour only instead of a variety of them which is generally done theses days.

The use of mascara was done in the usual way but with a unique style. Curly look of the eyelashes was very much in demand. Women gave a proper curl to the eyelashes.

Application tips for the 1920’s make up:

1. It was a very similar technique which is in use today. The procedure starts by the application of the foundation in a proper way for creating a neat and clean base. Some were in a habit of using base cream apart or along with the foundation. This was generally done to make the face look a bit glamorous. After this a proper coat of make up powder was applied.

2. The next step was to work over the cheeks using a rosy or red shade. To give a similar touch you can use a brush and then use sponge to perform the application procedure correctly.

3. Use the above mentioned tips for eyes and try and use similar colours only. Use a liner for giving a smart shape to the lips and fill inside with a slightly different shade.

4. Concentrate more on your natural look along with a touch of different make up styles. In any case 1920’s make up is itself a comfortable one as it doesn’t demands the use of many shades which can spoil your existing image.

5. Remember the trends demand many difference in your existing looks but do not ever loose your actual appeal just the latest trends.