10 Home Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction

home remedies for erectile dysfunction Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in sexually active men. However, the problem goes unreported in most cases because of the social embarrassment attached to it.

Many men think that erectile dysfunction or impotence can be cured with the help of various over-the-counter medications available. But before you hit the drug store with a vengeance you can perhaps analyze the cause of the problems. Maybe you won’t need any medication at all if you make a few and simple changes to your dietary habits and lifestyle.

Try Some Simple Things to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Check your medication.

There are many medications; over-the-counter and well as prescribed than can cause temporary erectile dysfunction. If you are on medication and experiencing impotence then best check with your doctor for more information. Your doctor might want to change your prescription if the medication is causing erectile dysfunction as a side effect.

Don’t drink before sex.

Drinking alcohol or being very drunk can significantly decrease your performance in bed not only will you not enjoy the experience you will also have a very upset partner to deal with in the morning.

Quit smoking.

High levels of nicotine in the blood lead to its poor circulation. When the sexual organs do not receive proper flow of blood they become unhealthy leading to erectile dysfunction.

Break from the routine.

Try and explore different positions instead of sticking to the same one. A boring sexual routine can block your brain from enjoying the act which can cause erectile dysfunction. Remember it is all in the head. Spice up your sex life by experimenting. Talk to your partner and think of ways to enhance the experience.

Try new locations.

It could be the stress of living with family or having kids around. Book yourself and your partner into a hotel. Spend time together in the bath tub or give each other baths to increase the sexual desire and anticipation. Spend more time on foreplay to arouse yourself better.

Live a stress free and happy life.

Don’t bring tensions from the office to the bed. Make your bedroom an exclusive area where no office talk shall happen. Play soothing music to relieve yourself from stress and anxiety. Exercising is also a good way of relieving tension. Take up a sport and play it every day for 30 minutes.

Home remedies for erectile dysfunction

1. Eat a diet rich in fibers. Most fruits and vegetables are rich sources of fiber. Fiber is water soluble and is flushed out from the body regularly. It helps remove the toxins from the body which can be cause of blocked arteries and poor circulation of blood to various parts including the penis.

2. Take zinc supplements. Zinc is a mineral which aids in increasing desire and stamina during sexual activity. A person with less zinc in his diet is more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Daily intake of 15-30 mg of zinc supplement will help meet the body’s requirement of the mineral. You must have copper supplement as well along with zinc supplement.

3. Vitamin A deficiency in the body is also known to cause impotence in most men. Eat a vitamin A rich diet by including carrots in your daily meals. You can also take vitamin A supplement every day to improve your sexual prowess.

4. One of the most common home remedies for erectile dysfunction is a concoction prepared from walnut and honey. Mix one part walnut powder in one teaspoon honey and have it 30 minutes after your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drink a glass of warm milk after each intake of the concoction. This treatment should be done for a month to see improvement.

5. Gingko is a well known herb used mainly for treating erectile dysfunction in men. The herb is particularly advised for men who develop impotence as a result of side effects of anti-depressants. The herb acts on the muscles by relieving tension and relaxing them. It also helps in circulation of blood to the penis.

6. Ashwagandha is an Indian herb which is very popular for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Intake of herb improves energy and stamina. It also increases sexual desire. The herb comes in the form of a tonic that can be found in many health stores. The tonic can also be used for maintaining good physical health.

7. Dry fruits are also known for increasing sexual powers. They are hot in nature and hence help in proper circulation of blood to the penis thus curing erectile dysfunction. Grind 100 gms of walnuts, raisins, prunes, cashew nuts and dried apricots and two whole medium sized lemon. Grind all the ingredients and mix three ounces of honey. Stir the concoction well. Store it in an air-tight container and have one tablespoon of the mixture one hour before each meal.

8. Take about 200 grams of almonds and powder them well. Take a tablespoon of the almond powder and mix it in a glass of warm milk. Follow this remedy each night before going to bed for three weeks.

9. Take 200 gms of carrot seeds and grind them. Take a teaspoon of the ground carrot seeds and mix it in a glass of warm milk. Drink this milk daily for one week. This is also a popular remedy for treating erectile dysfunction at home.

10. Take two large sized onions and cut them into small pieces. Put them in half a liter of warm water. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Drink about 75 ml of this extract twenty minutes before each meal, thrice a day. To avoid the smell and taste of onion add half a teaspoon of lemon or orange juice to the extract. Continue this treatment for a month and then stop. Wait for a couple of weeks and then begin again. The treatment is not recommended for men with cardio vascular problems or men who have alimentary canal disorders.

Don’t be embarrassed to talk to your partner or your doctor about the problem. It is best to get it cured rather than suffer in silence and ruin your marital or social life. There are men all around the globe who suffer from impotence.